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Summer Opportunities

A2 plans to offer many summer training opportunities.  Many of these items are now available for registration and additional opportunities will be added in the coming weeks.  Click on the individual opportunities to learn more details:


  1. New, 5/13 - NC4K 2-person, modified court tournament (For Ages 13-15)
  2. June Jamboree 4 vs 4 Volleyball Tournament (For Ages 12-14)
  3. Boys Summer Training (training focused on the boys game)
  4. Summer Small Group Training with Coach Servick (available starting June 1)
  5. OVR High Performance Training Series with Sandra Borer (Skills training and camps for both girls and boys)
  6. A2 Beach (starting June 1) 
  7. Summer Training Series (Players entering Grades 6-9 in Fall, 2015)
  8. School Tryout Tuneup (2 day sessions Grades 7-10; July 27-30)
  9. Super Squares (New training for more experienced players entering grades 4-6)
  10. Mini Squares (For players entering grades 4-6)
  11. Wee Squares (for players entering grades K-3)
  12. Comparison page for Wee Squares, Mini Squares, and Super Squares
  13. Future Squares 2-day Summer Camp (Grades K-6; June 4-5)

A2 dollar challenge

dollarsignJenna Thum, from our 10 Green team, is challenging every player to bring at least $1 to practice as a donation to help the 14 Green players with the cost associated with going to Nationals in New Orleans.   Bring a $1 to practice and help support A2 at Nationals!!!

A2 keeps rolling!!!


13 Green captured their third tournament win of the season at Spirit VBC on May 9th.


A2 has now won 19 tournaments across 7 age groups in 2015.





2015 A2 Tournament winners:

- 13 Green at Spirit VBC (above) - 5/9/15

- 11 Green at Spirit VBC - 5/3/15

- 12 Green at Buckeye -5/2/15

- 11 Green at Highland MS - 4/26/15

- 13 Green at Maverick VBC - 4/25/15

- 12 Green at Kids America - 4/25/15

- 13 Green at JVA Classic - 4/19/15

- 15 Red at Pick North - 4/19/15

- 14 Green at JVA Classic - 4/19/15

- 14 Green qualifies for Nationals at the Convention Center - 4/12/15

- 16 Green at Mount Union College - 4/12/15

- 12 Green at Nothin' But Net - 3/28/15

- 12 Black at Tri-Valley HS - 3/21/15

- 12 Green at Courts 4 Sports - 3/21/15

- 11 Green at Shelby HS - 3/15/15

- 17 Green at SPIRE Institute - 3/1/15

- 12 Orange at Bellefontaine - 2/21/15

- 12 Orange at Marysville - 2/7/15

- 12 Green at Kids America - 1/31/15


2015 A2 OVR Division Winners and Gold Finishers:

- 14 Orange - Nickel Champions - 5/2/15

- 12 Green - 3rd in Gold - 5/9/15

- 12 Orange - 5th in Gold - 5/9/15

- 11 Green - Silver Champions - 5/9/15

- 14 Green - 5th in Gold - 5/10/15

- 16 Green - Gold Runner-up - 5/10/15


Check out all the 2015 photos here.

Scoring/Officiating Information

275px-Whistle_iconDuring tournaments, players and coaches are responsible for providing various roles (keeping score, 2nd official, libero tracking, etc.) while they are not playing.  Therefore, it is critical that all players and coaches know how to perform the various roles. 


OVR has provided pointers to some training materials and videos that describe how to perform these roles.  Click the link to access the instructions on how to access these training materials.

Nutrition Guide for Tournaments

fruit_faceA tournament day will typically last about 10 hours and can be exhausting for players.  It is important that players focus on good nutrition before, during, and after the tournament.  Coach Bobbie (A2 Fitness/Conditioning Coach) has put together the following Tournament Nutrition Guide to help maximize individual performance.

Mount Carmel at the club

mountcarmel-smStarting on 12/9, Mount Carmel's partnership with A2 was put into motion.  Listed below are some of the details:


1.    Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm, someone from the Mount Carmel Team (either Athletic Trainer Steve Brobst, Dr. Messmer, or Dr. Rozek) will be at the facility.  They will evaluate any injuries that might have occurred. 
2.    They will see any of the athletes, but only when they are sent to them by the coaches.  The athletes have been informed of this protocol.  This way the coaches will know what is going on at the beginning with the athlete and this helps the Mount Carmel team know who will need something.
3.    Mount Carmel will keep track of the athletes that they see. They will have a form that they will keep on file and give the coach a copy.  They will use the training room once it is ready, but for now, they will see athletes in the concessions area.
In January, the Mount Carmel team will start some educational sessions for parents.  Check the website for more details on dates/times for these sessions.

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Calendar Events

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No upcoming events in the next two weeks
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Upcoming Tournaments

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Quick Hitters

13 Black:  5th in Titanium   OVR Championship 13black, May 16
13 Blue:  5th in Chromium   OVR Championship 13blue, May 16
13 Red:  5th in Copper   OVR Championship 13r, May 16
13 Green:  3rd in Gold   OVR Championship 13g, May 16
13 Orange:  5th in Silver   OVR Championship 13o, May 16
13 White:  5th in Platinum   OVR Championship 13w, May 16
14 Green:  5th in Gold   OVR Championship 14g, May 10
16 White:  5th in Titanium   OVR Championship 16w, May 10
16 Orange:  5th in Platinum   OVR Championship 16o, May 10
16 Green:  Gold Runner-up   OVR Championship 16g, May 10
15 White:  Silver Champs - 9th of 16 teams   Tournament 15w, May 10
12 Black:  5th in Nickel   OVR Championship 12b, May 9
12 White:  5th in Copper   OVR Championship 12w, May 9
12 Green:  3rd in Gold   OVR Championship 12g, May 9
12 Orange:  5th in Gold   OVR Championship 12o, May 9
12 Red:  2nd in Titanium   OVR Championship 12r, May 9
10 Green:  3rd in Copper   OVR Championship 10g, May 9
11 White:  5th in Copper   OVR Championship 11w, May 9
11 Green:  Silver Champs   OVR Championship 11g, May 9
11 Orange:  3rd in Copper   OVR Championship 11o, May 9
13 Orange:  Gold - 3rd of 15 teams   Tournament 13o, May 9
13 Green:  Gold Champs - 1st of 15 teams   Tournament 13g, May 9


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  • 15 green ends on a high note as the bronze champs at ovr regionals! Great season girls👍
  • 15 red all smiles in '15!!

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