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Passing, Hitting or Serving

We have modified the daily clinic sessions a bit further starting March 30.  Monday clinics will now focus on Passing.  Wednesdays and Fridays will remain the same with Wednesday clinics focused on Hitting and Friday clinics on Serving.  All players looking for some additional training opportunities both during and after the club season can check out our Clinics & Camps page. 


Currently available opportunities include:

  1. Passing Clinics every Monday (3:30pm - 4:30pm)
  2. Hitting/Attacking Clinics every Weds (3:30pm - 4:30pm)
  3. Serving Clinics every Friday (3:30pm - 4:30pm)
  4. Summer Training Series (7-week session starting in June)

A2 takes three more!!








Three A2 teams took home tournament victories in the last two weekends.  Keep the gold championships coming.  Congratulations!!  Web admin apologies to 11 Green that was missed last weekend.


2015 A2 Tournament winners:

- 12 Black (on the left) at Tri-Valley HS - 3/21/15

- 12 Green (on the right) at Nothin' But Net - 3/21/15

- 11 Green (in the middle) at Shelby HS - 3/15/15

- 17 Green at SPIRE Institute - 3/1/15

- 12 Orange at Bellefontaine - 2/21/15

- 12 Orange at Marysville - 2/7/15

- 12 Green at Kids America - 1/31/15


Check out all the 2015 photos here.

New Mini-Squares Session – Spring, 2015



A new session of Mini-Squares (Grades 4-6) will be starting in April.  Click below to learn more:

  1. Mini-Squares (Mondays, April 13 - May 18, 2015; 7:00pm - 9:00pm)


Picture Orders

Picture orders are almost complete.  Coaches will be distributing pictures and photo items after practice as they become available.  At this time, all photo items (buttons, bag tags, key chains, statuettes, etc.) should have been distributed for all teams with the exception of just one or two players.  That information should have been conveyed to those players on their picture envelope.  All pictures (5x7, wallets, Sportmates, etc) should have been distributed to all teams with the following exceptions (All pictures still needed for 15 green, 15 orange, and 15 white, and Sportmates only for 17 green).  

  1. The remaining picture/photo items noted as still needed above should arrive by practice on Monday, 3/30.
  2. If there was an issue with your order, most of those items will arrive late next week.

If you have questions about your order, please contact Arleen Piper Photography directly at  If you wish to make an additional order, click here for the picture order form and mail your order form along with payment to the address at the bottom of the form by April 6. 

A2 Web Store Orders

Most orders that were slated for delivery to the club have been received and are available for pickup.   Please note that our vendor started taking orders directly in early January and most items are now shipping directly to individual homes.  Since the vendor does not locally stock the items, orders are grouped in batches and then purchased by the vendor, followed by any A2 customization, and then finally they will be shipped to your home.  Items shipped to your home will typically take ~4 weeks to arrive after your order.


If you have questions about your order or already received merchandise, please direct your questions to Mark Betts.  He can be reached at

Tournament Reminders

The tournament season for A2 and A2 Velocity has now begun. For players that are new to the club (and as a reminder for returning players), each player/parent needs to know the following:

  • Players need to bring a ball to the tournaments for warm-ups and are also responsible for keeping track of the ball throughout the day.
  • Parents talking to a coach during (or immediately after) a tournament about coaching decisions is not acceptable. Parents should address their concerns with the Club Directors (Coach Servick for A2 and Coach Stevenson for A2 Velocity) at a later time.
  • Players/parents that have not paid the balance of their fees (which were due at the first practice) will not be allowed to play in tournaments until they have contacted their Club Director (Coach Servick - A2 and Coach Stevenson - A2 Velocity) and resolved that conflict.
  • For more information on Tournament expectations, click here.

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Quick Hitters

11 White:  Silver Champs - 5th of 8 teams   Tournament 11w, Mar 22
12 Orange:  Gold Runner-up - 2nd of 15 teams   Tournament 12o, Mar 22
13 Black:  Gold - 3rd of 11 teams   Tournament 13b, Mar 22
13 White:  Gold - 3rd of 11 teams   Tournament 13w, Mar 22
16 Orange:  Silver - 10th of 16 teams   Tournament 16o, Mar 22
12 White:  Gold - 3rd of 8 teams   Tournament 12w, Mar 21
12 Black:  Gold Champs - 1st of 12 teams   Tournament 12b, Mar 21
12 Red:  Silver - 10th of 12 teams   Tournament 12r, Mar 21
12 Green:  Gold Champs - 1st of 12 teams   Tournament 12g, Mar 21
14 Blue:  Gold - 5th of 12 teams   Tournament 14blue, Mar 21
14 White:  Silver Champs - 5th of 8 teams   Tournament 14w, Mar 21
13 Blue:  Silver Champs - 9th of 12 teams   Tournament 13blue, Mar 21
16 White:  Silver - 11th of 16 teams   Tournament 16w, Mar 21


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