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Sunday practice for American teams

Just a reminder that all American teams will have practice on Sunday, 12/21.  This was recently added to the schedule as this was missed in the initial schedule planning.  Refer to your team page or the Calendar for more details.

Mount Carmel at the club

mountcarmel-smStarting on 12/9, Mount Carmel's partnership with A2 was put into motion.  Listed below are some of the details:


1.    Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm, someone from the Mount Carmel Team (either Athletic Trainer Steve Brobst, Dr. Messmer, or Dr. Rozek) will be at the facility.  They will evaluate any injuries that might have occurred. 
2.    They will see any of the athletes, but only when they are sent to them by the coaches.  The athletes have been informed of this protocol.  This way the coaches will know what is going on at the beginning with the athlete and this helps the Mount Carmel team know who will need something.
3.    Mount Carmel will keep track of the athletes that they see. They will have a form that they will keep on file and give the coach a copy.  They will use the training room once it is ready, but for now, they will see athletes in the concessions area.
In January, the Mount Carmel team will start some educational sessions for parents.  Check the website for more details on dates/times for these sessions.

A2 Web Store is Now Open!!

backpack1The A2 Web Store has officially opened.  You can get there via the Resources Tab on the upper right menu, or directly via the Web Store link here. 


The order deadline for Christmas delivery has now passed.  Orders will continue to be accepted and will be sent to our vendor.  We anticipate that orders received between now and Christmas will be processed and available in mid-to-late January, 2015.  All orders will be delivered to the club.  Once they arrive at the club, you will be notified and be able to pick them up from the club.  Since we don't have practice the week leading up to Christmas, we may need to open the club for a day to allow for distribution of orders received by the Christmas delivery deadline.  


All items on the Web Store are optional items for the players.  We also have some items already in stock that can be picked up now at the club.  If you make a selection and see something like "X number in stock" pop on the screen, this item can be purchased and should be available immediately at the club.  If it just says "In Stock", "Out of Stock", or nothing, these items still need to be requested through our vendor and delivered to the club.  Also, we have plenty of tryout t-shirts immediately available if you need extra practice shirts (and these will not display "X in stock"). 


The Web Store is fully integrated with PayPal and currently the only method of payment we support.  You can set up a PayPal account or use your credit card through PayPal.  Advancement Academy has no access to your credit card information when you pay through PayPal.  

Uniform Packages & Other info

We have gotten some questions about what is and is not included in the uniform package and also wanted to provide some additional information especially for those that might be new to club volleyball.


The uniform package includes 2 game jerseys, a zip-up warmup jacket, and another practice t-shirt.  (Note: Your t-shirt from tryouts can/should also be used as a practice t-shirt).


Additionally, all players are required to bring their own ball to tournaments that will be used during team warm-ups.  This is your own ball that you can keep through multiple club volleyball years.  Players are also expected to wear black spandex shorts during tournaments which can be purchased through the club or at a store of your choice.  We don't include these items in the uniform package since returning players typically have these items already.


One other item of note is that all players must have a full junior membership with OVR/USA Volleyball for the 2015 season.  Some of you may have selected a "tryout only" membership or were able to use the 2014 membership if you tried out before 10/31/14, but all players must obtain a full junior membership to participate in tournaments.  Go to the OVR Junior Registration page for more details.

Practice Tier change for 13 Red/Black and 12 Green

Due to coach availability and schedules we need to permanently move 13 red and 13 black to the 7pm-9:30pm practice tier and 12 Green to 4:30 to 7:00pm practice tier.  This change will be effective next week (12/9) for those participating in December practice.  The website has been updated to reflect the changes for December and January and we will do this for the remaining months of the schedule shortly.  We apologize for the late change, but in addition to making this work with our coach's schedules, this will have all of our age groups practicing together. 

Winter Warm-Up Camp at Otterbein


A2 Tier Trainer and Otterbein University Head Coach Monica McDonald is hosting a Winter Warm-Up Camp on December 29th and 30th at Otterbein University for players in Grades 3-9.  Athletes can attend either or both days of the camp.  For more information, including on-line registration visit the Otterbein University volleyball camp page.

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