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A2 Heading to Nationals!!

Four A2 teams played their way into the 2016 USAV Girls' Junior National Championship over the past few weekends.  12, 14, 17, and 18 green all have qualified for Nationals, with 11 Green also playing in the Patriot division. 

  1. 11, 12, 14, 17, and 18 Green will all be playing in Indianapolis on various days from June 24 through July 3.
  2. There is live streaming of courts 1-4, all day every day.
  3. Use the following links to find out more information: 
  4. USAV home, Schedule/Results,Live Stream, Qualified Teams

Party Fun

Here are a few pictures for those that missed the party on Friday!  Click on the individual images to see the enlarged picture or go to this page where you will be able to scroll through the pictures.


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OVR High Performance
The Ohio Valley Region is pleased to announce the Rosters for the girls participating in the OVR High Performance Camp July 8-10, 2016 at Bowling Green State University.  They had a record number of players trying out for a camp spot (over 250).
This was also their first year for offering the Future Select Camp and they are looking forward to welcoming the Future Select Girls to camp this year. 10 players from the Select group and 10 players from the Youth group will be chosen at camp to represent the OVR at the USAV High Performance Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, July 19-23.
Future Select Players from A2 include:
Hanna Borer
Sophia Gerhold
Sydney Lewis
Select Players from A2:
Jae Bernard 
Sarah Von Hollen
The Youth Team will be coached by Chuck Rey (Miami University) and will be assisted by Sandra Borer. Sandra has been assisting with the HP program for the past four years and has collegiate and club coaching experience. 
Congrats to all players and good luck to everyone participating in the HP Program!

Summer Small Group Clinics

Starting Tuesday, July 5, summer clinics will begin. 


Clinics will run every Tuesday and Thursday at the following times:

09:00am - 10:00am: Passing

10:00am - 11:00am: Serving

11:00am - 12:00pm: Attacking


Each session will cost $20 per athlete and sessions are open to athletes of any age. Email Coach Servick directly at to register.

Beach Volleyballs



Want to purchase a Beach Volleyball?  We now have them for sale in the office or you can also pick them up at beach practice from Sandra Borer.  They are $35 each (payable by cash or check made out to the Ohio Valley Region).


School Season Tryout Tuneups

Tryout tuneup sessions for the end of July are now available for registration from our Clinics & Camps page.  There will be three Middle School sessions and one High School session.  Each session is 4 hours of training over two days.  Middle school sessions will be offered on 7/25-26 and 7/27-28, with the High School session on 7/27-28.  For more details, visits the Clinics & Camps page.

Summer Training

Here are the 2016 Summer Training opportunities currently available for registration. Click on any of the links to learn more about these programs and/or to register.

  1. Beach Volleyball
  2. Wee Squares (Grades K-3)
  3. Mini Squares (Grades 4-6)
  4. Super Squares (Grades 4-6)
  5. Middle School League (Grades 7-8) - Registration closed/Session Full
  6. Summer Small Groups with Coach Servick - Small group training for boys or girls
  7. Olympic Squared Training with Butch Reynolds - Speed, Agility & Jumping for boys or girls

Boys opportunities:

  1. Beach Volleyball
  2. Boys Middle School League (Grades 7-8)
  3. Boys High School Training League (Grades 9-12)

Scoring/Officiating Information

275px-Whistle_iconDuring tournaments, players and coaches are responsible for providing various roles (keeping score, 2nd official, libero tracking, etc.) while they are not playing.  Therefore, it is critical that all players and coaches know how to perform the various roles. 


OVR has provided pointers to some training materials and videos that describe how to perform these roles.  Click the link to access the instructions on how to access these training materials.

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Quick Hitters

14 Emerald:  Nickel - #5/12   OVR Championship-14e, May 1
14 Jade:  Plutonium - #3/9   OVR Championship-14j, May 1
12 Kelly:  Silver - #5/8   Tournament-12k, Apr 30
12 Shamrock:  Gold Champs - #1/8   Tournament-12s, Apr 30
10 Green:  Gold - #2/7   Tournament - 10g, Apr 30
11 Emerald:  Platinum - #13/16   OVR Championship - 11e, Apr 30
11 Green:  Gold - #5/16   OVR Championship - 11g, Apr 30
11 Shamrock:  Copper - #13/16   OVR Championship - 11s, Apr 30
17 Shamrock:  Silver - #11/14   Tournament-17s, Apr 24
11 Shamrock:  Gold - #5/12   Tournament - 11s, Apr 24
11 Emerald:  Silver - #10/12   Tournament - 11e, Apr 24
15 Emerald:  Gold Champs - #1/12   Tournament-15e, Apr 24
15 Jade:  Silver - #10/12   Tournament-15j, Apr 24
13 Kelly:  Gold - #5/12   Tournament-13k, Apr 24
13 Lime:  Gold - #2/12   Tournament-13l, Apr 24
12 Jade:  Gold - #3/16   Tournament-12j, Apr 24
12 Emerald:  Gold - #2/16   Tournament-12e, Apr 24
15 Shamrock:  Gold - #3/11   Tournament-15s, Apr 24
14 Lime:  Gold Champs - #1/12   Tournament-14l, Apr 23
14 Kelly:  Gold - #3/12   Tournament-14k, Apr 23
14 Forest:  Silver - #11/12   Tournament-14f, Apr 23
12 Lime:  Gold Champs - #1/9   Tournament-12l, Apr 23
10 Green:  Gold - #3/8   Tournament - 10g, Apr 23

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