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Club News

Winter Warm-Up Camp at Otterbein


A2 Tier Trainer and Otterbein University Head Coach Monica McDonald is hosting a Winter Warm-Up Camp on December 29th and 30th at Otterbein University for players in Grades 3-9.  Athletes can attend either or both days of the camp.  For more information, including on-line registration visit the Otterbein University volleyball camp page.

Follow up from Contract Signing Night

Here is some follow up information from our first signing night -- especially for those that are new to club volleyball and/or new to A2.

  • Rosters at all age groups are almost complete and updated on the web site.  We will continue to make any final adjustments as needed. 
  • If you prefer to pay your club deposit (or any club payment) by credit card, you can always make a payment through the Club Payment page which is under the Resources tab. 
  • If you didn't get a chance to update your information for the web site at the Open House, a new Player Update page is available (also under the Resources tab). 
  • If you are on a team that doesn't start practice until January, click here to learn of an opportunity for December practices.
  • If you attempted to select a uniform number at the Open House, most players did not get their first or second choice.  This is because we keep uniform numbers unique across the entire age group (not just your team) for maximum flexibility if player movement is required.  Additionally, we also considered 17U and 18U as one age group since there is a lot of age overlap there.  Returning players also can keep their number from the previous season when this is their preference.  The remaining numbers are then distributed across the player listing.

Practice Tiers and Tournament Schedules

We realize everyone is eager to get all their team specific information and we are getting this posted to the website as quickly as we can.  Now that we know the mix of teams we plan to carry, our practice tiers have been finalized.  The practice tiers will be as follows:

  • Mon/Wed (4:30pm - 7pm):  All 15's teams, 16 White and 16 Orange.
    (This tier will be led by Coach Shaun Servick)
  • Mon/Wed (7pm - 9:30pm): 16 Green, 17 White, 17 Green, and 18 Green.
    (This tier will be led by Coach Rosanna Sguerra)
  • Tues/Fri (4:30pm - 7pm): All 10s, 11s, all 12s (except 12 Green), 13 Red, and 13 Black.
    (This tier will be led by Coach Shaun Servick)
  • Tues/Fri (7pm - 9:30pm): 12 Green, 13 Green, 13 Orange, 13 White, 13 Blue, and all 14s.
    (This tier will be led by Coach Shaun Servick)
  • Sunday (1pm - 3:30pm): 11/12/13 Green, 13/14 Orange, 14 White
  • Sunday (3:30pm - 6pm): 14/15/16/17/18 Green, 15/16 Orange, 15 White
    Note: 14 Green was previously listed in the wrong Sunday tier. This is now correct.

Practice information has added to the club schedule (through February).  If something does not look correct for your team, please contact us.  Tournament information will also start being added to the schedule/team pages.  Please note that tournament schedules will still be subject to some potential change, but should be fairly stable by early to mid-December.

December Practices

Regional Players -- Interested in some extra practice sessions in December?


Click here to find out how you can start practicing early.


Plyo-Speed-Agility Training Sessions

Coach Bobbie is offering some Plyometric, Speed, and Agility training during October and November.  Plyometric, Speed & Agility Athletic Training Sessions are designed to challenge athletes both physically and mentally. 


Develop power, strength, agility, quickness, and increase your vertical. IMPROVE YOUR GAME!  Get ready for the club season now!  Click here for more information and to register.

Mount Carmel partnership with A2



Advancement Academy is proud to announce a very unique partnership with Mount Carmel Health. 


Click here for find out more.

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