This is information for A2 East Club teams playing out of Granville. Additional team information (potential practice times, coaches, tournaments) for the various teams will be provided in the coming weeks leading up to tryouts.

2019-2020 A2 Velocity Club Teams Offered and Total Cost Information
Teams Total Cost
Regional (8 – 10 play dates)
American (10 – 12 play dates)

Additional Notes:

  • Play dates specify the number of actual days a team plays in a tournament. For example, a 2-day tournament consists of 2 play dates.
  • Determination of which age groups will play at a given level will be made based on the team makeup coming out of tryouts.
  • Total cost includes team uniforms, coaches, court time for practice, and team tournament entry fees.
  • An initial $500 payment is due at contract signing and half of the remaining balance by December 15th, and the final balance on January 15th. If a separate payment plan needs to be arranged, please contact Director of Operations Paige Spurbeck directly.
  • After tryouts when you sign a contract for the season, you will know which team/level you are signing for and will be provided a specific amount for that team.
  • If you sign a contract for the season, you will need to go to USAV Webpoint, register for a full season membership, and be sure to have “A2 Velocity VBC” listed as your club.
  • The proposed cost of any team assumes a full roster of 10 players. Teams with less than 10 players may require an additional fee to cover the overall team costs which do not change with a smaller roster. Such a change would be discussed at a team meeting prior to the start of the season.
  • Tournament cancellations can impact the final number of play dates for the team. While the club will attempt to find replacement tournaments, late season tournament cancellations can impact the overall number of play dates.
  • Players will not receive their uniform package until their club fees have been paid.
  • Adidas A2 Velocity Uniform package includes:

    2 Jerseys

    1 Set of Knee Pads

    1 Pair of Spandex

    1 Warm Up

    1 Back Pack

    2 Practice Shirts