Tryout change for 15U/16U

After hearing your concerns about the multiple tryout conflicts at the 15 and 16 year old age groups, we are making some adjustments to how we will conduct tryouts this upcoming Sunday, 11/15.  The primary tryout times will remain as advertised, so if you can still make our primary time for either 15 Nat/Amer or 16 Nat/Amer, please plan to attend as scheduled.  For those that may have a conflict with our advertised times, you can feel free to attend the other tryout.  For example, if you wish to tryout for 15 Nat/Amer and have a conflict with our advertised tryout time, then you can attend the 16 Nat/Amer tryout.  16U players with a conflict should do the same thing in reverse.  If you can’t make our advertised 16 Nat/Amer tryout time, then come to the 15 Nat/Amer tryout.  If you cannot make either of the 15U/16U times, we can also evaluate a 15U/16U player during the 17U/18U tryout, but would prefer if most of the 15U/16U players are at either the official 15U or 16U tryout.


Since we will have players from both age groups across both tryout times, we will not make our offers immediately at the conclusion of the tryout, which has traditionally been our approach.  Players will be notified by email at the conclusion of the day on Sunday, so it will be critical that you register and we have your contact information.  If you have already registered and wish to now attend the tryout for the other age group, no further action is necessary.  We will taking registrants from either 15U or 16U at both tryout times.  These adjustments apply to the 15U/16U Nat/Amer tryouts only.  Please contact us if you have further questions. 

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