Plenty of ways to train

At Advancement Academy we realize that each athlete is different when it comes to their skill development. As such, we want to offer athletes a variety of options in which they can train including clinics, camps, and personal training.



Individual Clinics

Advancement Academy offers clinics throughout the year that consist of athletes working together in groups. All clinic sessions will be led by one of Advancement Academy’s top coaches who will be assisted by other coaches (and potentially older players depending on the age group). The clinics will typically focus on the fundamental skills required to excel in volleyball.  Check out the link to learn more about our upcoming clinics.



The A2 staff can energize your volleyball program by working with you at your location or ours to provide a camp.  Click the links to learn more about our Volleyball Camp program.

Personal Training

In addition to the Clinics, A2 coaches also offer specialized personal training for individual athletes and/or small groups (these groups could be 2, 3, or 4+ athletes). Personal training sessions will be scheduled for 60 minutes and prices will vary based on the number of people participating in the training.  To see a listing of coaches offering individualized training and/or request a session, check out the Personal Training page.


For the younger ones

If your child is in 3rd grade or younger, check out our Wee-Squares program, which provides some volleyball learning opportunities for younger kids.