Training to Meet Your Needs

Advancement Academy coaches are currently scheduling personal or small group training sessions upon request.  Coaches can assist in a specific volleyball area or you can focus on your strength and conditioning to help improve your game.

You can request either personal training or small group training from these coaches. When sending your request, specify number of athletes and preferred times for training.


Training Session Pricing

Training sessions are typically scheduled for one hour.  The cost of training may vary by trainer but the following table can be used as a general guideline:

Group Size Cost
Individual Training (1 on 1) $50
Group session (2 people) $35 per person
Group session (3 people) $25 per person
Group session (4 or more) $100 for the group

Getting Started

Contact one of our training coaches to send an email and request a training session with them.

Jen Ainsworth

Josh Chiero

Ashanti Dyson

Salomon Gicherman

Amanda (Halls) Huter

Kate Henry

Emi Holsclaw

Pierce Monnin

Ciara Ralston

Sarah Schoenhagen

Shaun Servick – currently only accepting groups of 3 or more

Rosanna Sguerra

Alex VanGundy