Tournament Reminders

The tournament season for A2 and A2 Velocity has now begun.  For players that are new to the club (and as a reminder for returning players), each player/parent needs to know the following:

  • Players need to bring a ball to the tournaments for warm-ups and are also responsible for keeping track of the ball throughout the day. 
  • Parents talking to a coach during (or immediately after) a tournament about coaching decisions is not acceptable. Parents should address their concerns with the Club Directors (Coach Servick for A2 and Coach Stevenson for A2 Velocity) at a later time.
  • Players/parents that have not paid the balance of their fees (which were due at the first practice) will not be allowed to play in tournaments until they have contacted their Club Director (Coach Servick – A2 and Coach Stevenson – A2 Velocity) and resolved that conflict.

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