A2 Web Page Player Information Update

  • Use this page to request changes to the Player Page information found on the website for your team. Items that are included here will be added to or changed for the player page. If you wish an item to be removed, please select "Other" under Website preference and specify what should be removed. Requests for updates typically appear on the website within 24-48 hours.
  • Player/Web Information

  • General Player Info - This will appear on the website

  • Information in this section WILL appear on the website.

    You only need to fill in items you wish to have listed on the website.

  • Recruiting Information

  • Fill out all fields you wish to include on the website. Any recruiting entries left blank will not appear on the website. For all "reach" entries, please enter data similar to the following example: 8' 3" (which would represent 8 feet, 3 inches)
  • Contact Information - Not viewable on website

  • Information in this section WILL NOT appear on the website.

    This will be stored in our Database with the athlete info.