Opportunities for new and younger athletes

We offer club teams for players starting at 10U (which is 4th grade for most players), but if you aren’t sure whether you are ready for a club team, our Wee-Squares and Mini-Squares programs provides another option.  This is a great place to start for athletes that are starting to learn and grow in the game.  Each individual training session is typically 1 or 1.5 hours (once per week) and the class time is generally 4 to 6 weeks.  Both boys and girls are welcome to participate.  These sessions teach the fundamentals of the game and are generally geared toward athletes that are fairly new to the sport.   These classes are offered regularly throughout the year and we typically have about a 2 to 4 week break between classes and then start a new group. Many players participate in these classes regularly as they are starting to learn the game.  To learn more about these programs and upcoming opportunities to register, refer to the links below.