From Joe Worsley, Pro Volleyball Player and Co-Creator of Out of System

About Our Tour

We are embarking on a nationwide tour to put on display and participate in the largest and most passionate volleyball events across the US. In being a startup volleyball media company, a crucial part of our tour is being able to connect with the youth across America and reach new geographical locations that aren’t focused on typically. We want you to be a part of our tour and a part of the community that we are building.

What Can You Expect?

With a tour like this, there obviously has to be a bit of funding but this is not the target for us. We as a company and the individuals who created the brand all have the ability to make the best out of whatever we have thrown our way. With that being said, we don’t want this to be an expense for clubs and athletes that is outrageous and a “money grab” in any way. We have a financial proposal below that we would like your thoughts on. With an event like this we are designing a unique and creative way to make the 2 ½ hour clinics as productive and efficient as possible. We are targeting both boys and girls youth volleyball players and are leaving it up to each club on whether they will want one or multiple events run for both genders. Everything included is absolutely up for discussion and we want your feedback on any ideas that you have questions on.

Clinic Details 

Micah Ma’a and Joe/Gage Worsley will be the directors of each clinic and want to incorporate their childhood and youth volleyball training methods into the event in a fun and efficient way. All three of these players have played volleyball at the highest level possible for their ages throughout their careers and have done so in many ways because of the lifestyle they have lived from young ages. With a combination of a short video session, fun and competitive skill games, and focused individual and team training we have designed a way to maximize everyone’s time and energy for this event. We have already put into action a plan to get the top collegiate players near the location of each clinic to help run courts depending on the number of each clinic. With an ideal number of 10-14 athletes per court we will plan accordingly to ensure we have enough hands on deck to make the event the highest quality. As a brand and specifically, Micah, Joe, and Gage, we are huge advocates for not only focused repetition but large numbers of repetitions as well. With the design of our clinic, this will be the main focus and making sure that every kid gets the most out of the time slot.

Purpose of the Event

At the end of the day, we are a content and social media company and with this is the emphasis on content. Another piece of the event will be an incorporation of fun videos and content ideas from our content team. We will have everything planned so that you as a club can “okay” our ideas so that it doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable. We understand the positives and negatives of social media these days, we want this to be a fun and beneficial way for kids and athletes to be seen possibly by college coaches as well as just being a cool addition to what  we will be doing. We are striving to build a community through events such as these ones this coming summer and want to connect with as many youth  and families as possible. They are the future of our sport and will be the driving force for the sport and its growth in the future.

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