Mount Carmel at the club

mountcarmel-smStarting on 12/9, Mount Carmel’s partnership with A2 was put into motion.  Listed below are some of the details:


1.    Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm, someone from the Mount Carmel Team (either Athletic Trainer Steve Brobst, Dr. Messmer, or Dr. Rozek) will be at the facility.  They will evaluate any injuries that might have occurred. 
2.    They will see any of the athletes, but only when they are sent to them by the coaches.  The athletes have been informed of this protocol.  This way the coaches will know what is going on at the beginning with the athlete and this helps the Mount Carmel team know who will need something.
3.    Mount Carmel will keep track of the athletes that they see. They will have a form that they will keep on file and give the coach a copy.  They will use the training room once it is ready, but for now, they will see athletes in the concessions area.
In January, the Mount Carmel team will start some educational sessions for parents.  Check the website for more details on dates/times for these sessions.

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