We have received many requests from the Regional players/parents that were scheduled to start practice in January to offer some playing options before that time. After reviewing our available court time and schedules, we have decided to provide an option for Regional players to start practice the first week of December. Since the additional practice time was not included in the dues for Regional players and was not part of the contract, there will be an associated fee of $75 for 6 additional practices, but choosing to participate is completely optional for the players. You will be practicing at the standard tier days/times that you will be practicing with starting in January.


American teams and other teams that already had December practice time as part of their contract will continue to operate as per their original plan and there is no additional fee for those players. These teams are listed in bold type in the tier schedule below.


Players on all other teams (not listed in bold below) can optionally choose to practice starting on Dec 1 for the Mon/Wed tiers and Dec 2 for the Tue/Fri tiers with an additional payment of $75. Keep in mind this is completely optional to start early and is the parents/player’s choice. (i.e., we do not need an entire team to choose to participate). These players will then participate in the weekday practices for their normal tier through December 19. Sunday practices will still be limited to only those teams originally scheduled for Sunday practice.  The entire club will be off during the Holiday period. Since this is completely optional, we will need to collect payments and get a feel for how many players plan to attend, so we have set up a special registration just for these 6 additional 2.5 hour practices.


Click here to register for the December practice sessions. Again, only players on teams originally scheduled to start practice in January need to register and make this additional payment.


Also note that we may have some court time conflicts on December 2 only.  We have requested that, if possible, players from 13 White/Blue and 14 Black/Blue attend the early tier practice (4:30 – 7pm) on only December 2 as this will help to alleviate the conflict. 


Practice tiers (Teams in bold already have December practice as part of their contract):

  • Mon/Wed (4:30pm – 7pm): 15 Green/Orange/White, 16 Orange, 15 Black/Red, 16 White
  • Mon/Wed (7pm – 9:30pm): 16 Green, 17 Green, 18 Green, 17 White.
  • Tues/Fri (4:30pm – 7pm): 11 Green, 12 Green, 10 Green, 11 Orange/White, 12 Orange/White/Black/Red
  • Tues/Fri (7pm – 9:30pm): 13 Green, 13 Orange, 14 Green/Orange/White, 13 White/Blue/Black/Red, 14 Black/Blue