Early Offers

For those that have received Early Offers from the club (via direct email) to play in the 2016 season, please follow the process outlined in your email to officially accept the offer.  As a reminder, there are two steps to formally accept the early offer.  You must notify the club directly that you will be accepting an early offer and we have created an acceptance page to officially accept the offer.  Additionally, you must pay your $500 deposit either by check or credit card.  Please note that due to credit card processing fees, payments via credit card will incur an additional 3% fee that does not go toward your dues.  Your acceptance of the offer and deposit need to be completed by July 31, 2015.  Please follow the appropriate links below to complete your official Early Offer acceptance to A2. 

  1. Payment by check (fill out registration form and then pay by check either in person or via mail)
  2. Payment by credit card (fill out registration form and then you will be redirected to Paypal to pay via credit card)

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