Congratulations!!!  This page is reserved for athletes that received an early offer from A2.  To formally accept this offer, go to one of the following two “Acceptance” pages.  Either page will record your formal acceptance.  If you choose to pay via Paypal, upon submission of your form you will be redirected to Paypal.  If paying by cash or check, you will not be redirected to Paypal and will need to submit your payment to the club separately. 


Paying with credit card or Paypal – requires additional handling fee

If you prefer to pay by credit card or Paypal account, click here.  Please note that there is a 3% handling charge as a processing fee.  Therefore the total amount to be paid will be $515.  Of that amount $500 will be credited to your account and $15 will cover the processing fee of using Paypal.


Paying with cash or check

If you prefer to pay by cash or check, click here.  Upon completion of the form, please write a check for $500 payable to Advancement Academy Volleyball Club and either mail to the club at the address listed below or bring by the club and drop it in the Drop Box by the office.  Please include player name/age with your check to facilitate processing.


Advancement Academy Volleyball Club
459 Orange Point Drive, Suite C
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035