Tina Cox

Head Coach

More about Tina:
Hi my name is Coach Tina Cox. I have coached Volleyball for the past 11 years at Licking Heights High School. 5 of those years I have been the head coach of the boys volleyball team. I have had 4 boys further their education on a volleyball scholarship from Licking Heights. I have stepped back from the girls team so I may focus more on the boys.

I have also coached girls club for 6 years. From 2014 - 2018 was with 2GVC.

This will be my second year coaching at A2 for the boys.

I have played volleyball since I was in 5th grade. It has greatly evolved since I have been in school, which keeps me always wanting to learn more. My Senior year of high school we went to state. I unfortunately stopped playing after that, but the passion and love was and always will be there.

My philosophy is pretty simple. This is a job. You have to be trained, coached and put in a particular position that your boss sees to fit you best for the better of the company. In club, you have many boys wanting to play a certain position. The boys need to respect and work hard for their coach as if it was their job and they want to work full time to make that money. If the boss at work doesn´t like your attitude, your commitment isn´t there. Your hours get cut.

I highly encourage the boys to speak with me and ask questions. I will be very respectful and explain things to the best of my ability. It is highly important for the boys to learn the mental aspect of the game as well as the physical. If they can´t talk through it, then their mind can´t process it.

I look forward to working with the boys at A2 academy.