2019 Boys Clinics & Elite Camp

Defense Clinic

Saturday, July 13, from 2-4pm. ($45) Grades 7-12. Led by Boys Director Salomon Gicherman, this clinic focuses on being the most successful back row defender one can be. Focusing on digging hard driven balls, emergency moves, court positioning, awareness, and explosive movements. Open to all levels of play! Defense Clinic Registration

Agility & Passing Clinic

Saturday, July 27, from 2-4pm. ($45) Grades 8-12. This session will focus on strength and agility exercises needed to improve your passing game! The session will alternate between performing a set of exercises, then implementing these moves in a fast-paced drill to help become the most efficient passer one can be. Clinic will benefit players of ALL levels and is led by coach Emi Holsclaw. Agility & Passing Clinic Registration

Elite Camp (4 sessions)

Starting July 16; Tues/Thurs, 6-8pm. ($100 for all 4 sessions) Open to Grades: 9-12, must have had completed at least 1 year of club volleyball for any club and region. This 4 session camp is designed for the elite club player who is trying to elevate their game to the next level. Whether getting ready for college volleyball or next club season, each session will focus on a different skill broken down into technical components at the highest level to be able to become a standout on the court. Players will work with expert coaches as well as other players to compete, train, and achieve the best results on the court.  Elite Camp Registration