McKenna Dunn

Assistant Coach 12 Shamrock

Yayra Fekpe

Tier Trainer

Kate Fisher

Head Coach 14 Jade

Starr Gentry

Assistant Coach 17 Green

Salomon Gicherman

Director of Coach Development 14 and under

Kate Henry

Head Coach, Director of Volleyball Operations
12 Green

Hannah Holt

Assistant Coach 13 Green

Brett Holt

Head Coach, Trainer

Amanda Huter

Head Coach

Tasia Lauth

Head Coach 14 Jade

Whitney Magers

Assistant Coach

Alex McAtee

Head Coach 12 Jade

Brenden Pence

15/16 Nat trainer/Dir of Coach Development

Dave Piper

Head Coach, Web Admin
12 Green

Reagan Rosi

Head Coach 14 Lime

Shaun Servick

Head Coach, Director, Tier Trainer
13 Green

Sarah Smiley

11 Float Coach

Paige Spurbeck

Director of Operations

Tara Stout

Head Coach 15 Lime

Morgan Thomas

Assistant Coach 14 Green

Alex Williams

Head Coach