Z - 2020-2021 A2 East Girls Uniform Orders
This form provides an official record of your A2 East Girls club uniform order for the 2020-2021 season.

Player Information

Did you play for A2 last year (2019-2020 club season) and receive a uniform package?
You may select up to 3 preferred numbers for a jersey. We will do our best to accommodate one of these choices, but there is no guarantee you will get one of your pre-selected numbers

Jersey/Shirt/Jacket Sizing

Be sure to carefully select your sizes. Costs associated with incorrect sizing choices will be the responsibility of the player/parent. Any jerseys needing to be replaced will take 6-8 weeks and may result in players not having their jerseys in time for early tournament(s).

Shorts (Spandex)

Opt Out Instructions
To help defray costs, A2 East players that participated during the 2019-2020 season can opt out of receiving some of the items and get a credit on their dues. For items that you have the option to opt out, you will be asked the question if you wish to opt out and be shown the dues credit you will receive. If you still prefer to receive the new item in the uniform package, select the "Order new ..." button and then the size where needed. All items listed on this form are already included in the dues amount of your contract. Opting out will decrease your dues from your contracted amount, but ordering the items will NOT increase your dues beyond the contracted amount. New players to the club will need these items and should not opt out.

Please note: All players are still expected to wear adidas gear that matches the uniform package. You should only opt out of items if you are okay wearing items from last season's uniform package... white adidas shoes, white adidas knee pads, black adidas spandex.
Do you wish to opt out of receiving new spandex? *

Shoes and Knee Pads

Do you wish to opt out of receiving new shoes? (The club will be wearing white shoes in 2020-2021) *
Do you wish to opt out of receiving new knee pads? (The club will be wearing white knee pads in 2020-2021) *
Do you wish to opt out of receiving a new backpack? *

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

This email address will be used for future communication if we need to contact you regarding any changes.
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