This page attempts to answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Advancement Academy, Tryouts, and Club Volleyball in general.  If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, feel free to use the contact us link and someone will get back to you. 

Club Volleyball FAQ

1. What is the OVR and what is the meaning of National, American, and Regional levels?

Each USA Volleyball (USAV) club participates in a designated region.   Advancement Academy participates in the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) of USA Volleyball.  At most age levels, the OVR/USAV supports 3 increasing levels of play — Regional is considered the lowest level of competition and National is the most competitive.  

2. At A2, what is the primary difference between National, American, and Regional levels?

  • Practice Time — At A2, all teams will typically practice two times a week for 2 – 2.5 hours each practice throughout the entire season.  American and National teams will have a 3rd practice prior to the start of the tournament season and then continue to have 3 practices as the tournament schedule allows.
  • Travel — At A2, Regional teams typically play OVR sanctioned tournaments within Ohio.  American teams will play a mix of OVR sanctioned tournaments in Ohio, along with occasionally traveling to larger tournaments that might be outside of the OVR region.  National teams may play in some OVR sanctioned tournaments, but typically travel to larger tournaments and/or National qualifying tournaments that are generally outside of Ohio. 
  • Tournament Play Dates — Play dates are the number of actual dates a team plays in a tournament.  Tournaments typically range from 1 day to 3 days (for National Qualifying tournaments).  Regional teams generally have the fewest play dates, following by American teams, and National teams will have the most tournament play dates.  More information on number of play dates for the various teams can be found in the Team area of each club.
  • Club Fees — Consistent with the other areas, the cost of the program is higher with the higher level of play.  More information regarding team cost can be found in the Team area of each club.

3.  How many teams will A2 have for the upcoming 2019-2020 season and at what levels?

In 2019-2020, Advancement Academy is planning for approximately 30-35 total teams at A2, 10-15 teams at A2 East, and 8-12 A2 Boys teams.  We will have a mix of National, American, and Regional teams at most age levels.  The decision on which teams will play and at which level is made based on the ability level of the athletes that participate in the tryouts and then ultimately decide to join the club.  A2 teams typically consist of 10 players.  It is our belief that having a team that is competitive, while still being challenged, creates the best atmosphere to allow an athlete to continue to grow and expand their skills.  The breakdown of ages/levels we plan to offer in 2019-2020 season is listed in the Team area of each club. 

4.  Are there options other than Club Volleyball?

We have a number of other opportunities that can be considered for those not interested or ready for club volleyball.  Check out the Leagues and opportunities for younger players in the Programs section.  And you can always review the clinics, camps, and group training for the various clubs.

Tryout FAQ

1. How do I know what age group my son/daughter should register for?

Our Tryout Information page has a table at the bottom of the page to help determine what age a child will be eligible for.  If you find the table confusing, you can use the following methodology to help determine the appropriate age group.  What age will the athlete be on August 31, 2020.  And then for the 2019-2020 club volleyball season, use that age for the appropriate age group.  For example, if Susie will be 14 on August 31, 2020, then based on her age she would be a 14U player.  Unfortunately, there are exceptions to every rule since players can also be grade eligible for a certain age group that might be different than their age.  See the next question for more on age vs. grade level eligibility.

2. What if my daughter/son is too old based on her age for a certain age group, but is eligible for that age group based on their grade in school.

At A2, all Regional teams and most American teams can (and will) use Grade Level definition for teams where required since the OVR and most out-of-region tournaments that A2 attends allow the use of “grade level” players.  However, all National teams (and any teams that we will have participating in National Qualifying tournaments) will use “traditional” or “true age” level definitions since this is required of all players during all USAV national tournaments. This would also be the case for any A2 American team that plans to compete in a bid play-in tournament.  Therefore, if you are only interested in playing on a National team, please use the “traditional/age” level definition when determining which age group you wish to tryout for.  For players that register at tryouts for an age group where the player is only eligible for that age group based on their grade, they will only be considered for American and Regional teams.  For further details on age level definitions for USAV and OVR, refer to the OVR age definition page.

3. What if my daughter/son is younger than most students in their grade and is eligible for a younger age group than most athletes in their grade?

Since the “traditional/age” level definition is considered to be the most stringent criteria used by USAV for qualification of a player at a certain age level, a player in this situation could play with that “younger” age group based on their age or they could elect to “play up” with players that are in the same grade as they are.  Such a player would be eligible to play on any level team (including National teams) at either age group.  For further details, refer to the OVR age definition page

4. What is the difference between an OVR/USAV Tryout Membership and Full Membership?

All players that eventually commit to play for a club will be required to obtain a full OVR/USAV Full Junior Membership that covers the entire club season.  However, if a player wants to tryout and is not yet certain they are going to play the club season, they can elect to purchase a “Tryout only” membership.  This allows them to tryout at multiple clubs.  If they choose to accept an offer after tryouts, they would then need to convert this Tryout Membership to a Full Membership, including paying the price difference, and specify the club they are playing for.  OVR/USAV registration is a separate fee from the club dues and is paid directly to USA Volleyball.  More information on the membership options can be found on the OVR Membership Options page.  More information including links to complete the OVR registration can be found on the Female Junior Registration page or Male Junior Registration page.