General OVR Volleyball Information


Advancement Academy participates in the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) of USA Volleyball.  At most age levels, the OVR supports 3 increasing levels of play — Regional, American, and National.  Regional and American teams typically play OVR sanctioned tournaments in Ohio, with American teams occasionally traveling to larger tournaments that might be outside of the OVR region.  National teams typically play in some OVR sanctioned tournaments, but will also travel to larger tournaments and/or National qualifier tournaments that are generally outside of Ohio. 

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In the 2018-2019 season, A2 will be registering club teams at the National, American, and Regional levels across all age groups.  We will place our teams at a given level based on our evaluation that the skill level of the team is sufficient to compete at that level.  A2 teams typically consist of 10 players. 


In 2018-19, Advancement Academy is planning for approximately 36-40 total teams.  We will have a mix of National, American, and Regional teams at most age levels.  The decision on which teams will play and at which level is made based on the ability level of the athletes that participate in the tryouts and then ultimately decide to join the club.  It is our belief that having a team that is competitive, while still being challenged, creates the best atmosphere to allow an athlete to continue to grow and expand their skills.  The breakdown of ages/levels we plan to offer in 2018-19 is listed on the teams and pricing page.  


Advancement Academy is committed to building a team/club atmosphere where all teams are provided with superb training.  Regardless of level or age, the club uses a Tier training approach where all team practices are guided by an experienced, elite coach.  Individual team coaches then work with their teams to execute those drills.  

Season schedules and practiceerika-haley

A typical season schedule will consist of 6-20 tournament play dates.  The higher the level of play, the more tournament dates there will be for a given team.  More information about the typical number of tournaments can be found on the teams and pricing page.  Some tournaments will be 2-day tournaments that encompass both Saturday and Sunday (and hence two play dates).  And some National qualifier tournaments will be 3-day tournaments.  With each increase in level (Regional to American to National), our teams will play a more rigorous schedule in terms of quality of their competition.   Additionally, most of our teams will participate in the OVR Championships at the end of the season that are held at the Columbus Convention Center.


practiceTeams will typically practice two times a week for two and a half hours each throughout the entire season. Most Regional teams will start practice in January with American/National teams starting in December.  American/National teams will have a 3rd practice in December and January and occasionally when the tournament schedule allows. Practices will take place at the A2 Sports Garden.  Spring only teams (or players) would start in early March.  Most Regional/American teams will end their season with the OVR Championships in May.  Some National teams may play throughout the entire month of May and potentially into late June/early July if they qualify for USAV Nationals.  A2 also has multiple fitness/conditioning coaches that work with all the girls on a regular basis.  They will talk to them about nutrition and provide workouts that ensure they are becoming physically fit athletes as well as strengthening the correct muscle groups to help avoid overuse injuries that are common in young volleyball players. 

Teams Offered, Club Fees, and Tryout Information

With respect to teams that will be offered during the 2018-19 club season, we expect to offer a mix of National, American and Regional teams. The specific number of teams at a given age group will not be determined until we have a better understanding of the number of players planning to try out.  Club fees are based on a team participating with 10 players.  In some circumstances, teams may be asked to play with 9 players. For teams with less than 10 players, club fees will likely be adjusted based on fewer players. Click the following links to see the plans for 2018-19 club teams and fees.  Tryout information for the 2018-19 season is available at the tryout schedule and registration link.

Are there Options other than Club?

If you are a younger player (grades 4-6) and aren’t ready for the commitment of a full club season, but want to see some of what A2 has to offer, you might consider joining our Squares program that we offer at various times throughout the year.  Squares sessions (both Mini-Squares and Wee-Squares) typically occur just once a week and offer a mix of instruction, along with team play.  Joining the Squares program does not require a tryout.  Check the link to learn more about Squares Program


We also plan to offer a league in the Fall during the school volleyball season for Middle School girls that failed to make their school team or just want to gain more experience with volleyball.  Girls that are participating on their school team, should not participate in our School League program in the Fall due to OHSAA guidelines. 


Additionally, we have various types of Training programs that are open to all players.