2020 Beach Volleyball at A2

Beach volleyball training at A2 is open to both boys and girls. Boys and girls will play in separate tournaments, but will train together. Beach offers players a unique experience with lots of touches in live action that helps players learn all aspects of the game. Beach is different than club volleyball in the fact that players still work with a club, but teams are on their own to register and play in tournaments.

Even if you don’t play club volleyball, you can still play club beach volleyball. You will need to register with USA Volleyball/OVR just as you do for club volleyball. If you played club volleyball this winter or spring, you are already registered with OVR and will just need to provide your registration number.  You do not need to have played with Advancement Academy to be part of the A2 Beach Club Season.

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Beach Information

  1. Special Note:  Due to space availability, we may need to limit the number of players that register.  If you select a Half Season you will need to select which training session dates you plan to attend.  If you select a Full Season, it will be assumed you will be all practice sessions (but we realize that you may not be able to make every training session).
  2. Location:  Volleypark (5501 Sandalwood Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229)
  3. National Player Tryouts: May 17, 2020; 2:30pm – 4:30pm 
  4. No Tryouts for Local/Regional players
  5. Practice Days: Tuesday and Thursdays (for both groups)
  6. Dates/Times: May 26- July 16; 11:00am – 1:30pm (National players);  11:00am – 12:30pm (Local/Regional players)
  7. Three different pricing tiers:
    1. Beach National: $300 – Shirt/Practice Time/Coaching at tournaments (including coaching at Nationals in Siesta Key)
    2. Beach Local/Regional: $250 – Shirt/Practice/Local tournaments (at their own discretion)
    3. Shirt/Half Season (Local/Regional): $150 – 8 practice sessions
  8. Fees covers beach practice facility, practice time, and instruction as outlined above.  Additional merchandise can be purchased from A2 adidas store.
  9. No need to sign up with a partner as you can play tournaments and practice with any partner of your choosing
  10. Tournament Entry fees are the responsibility of individual players/teams
  11. Click here for 2020 Beach Registration

Tournaments and Tournament Info

Teams will be responsible for their own registration into all Beach tournaments and they will be responsible for the entry fee associated with each tournament. Essentially, you can plan your own tournament schedule around your personal family schedule to play as much or as little as you wish.

  1. Click here for the OVR Beach Tournament page.

Want to learn more?

Visit the OVR Beach page to review more information regarding the OVR Beach program, summer tournaments, Q&A, etc.