2020-2021 Boys Uniform Orders
This form provides an official record of your Boys (at Lewis Center) club uniform order for the 2020-2021 season.

Player Information

You may select up to 3 preferred numbers for a jersey. We will do our best to accommodate one of these choices, but there is no guarantee you will get one of your pre-selected numbers.

Jersey/Shirt/Jacket Sizing

Be sure to carefully select your sizes. Costs associated with incorrect sizing choices will be the responsibility of the player/parent. Any jerseys needing to be replaced will take 6-8 weeks and may result in players not having their jerseys in time for early tournament(s).

Select your team age group *
Jersey sizing is different for older players. We need both sizes (T-shirt jersey and sleeveless jersey) for 14U players.
Note: Youth sizing is for Fleece Hoodie. Selecting a Youth size will result in receiving the Fleece Hoodie instead of the Full Zip Jacket.


If you need a shoe size smaller than size 6, select "Need smaller shoe" and someone from the A2 Admin team will contact you regarding options.

Shorts & Backpack

Did you play for A2 last year (2019-2020 club season) and receive a uniform package?
To help defray costs, previous A2 players can opt out of receiving new shorts and/or a backpack and get a credit on their dues. If you wish to opt out of receiving either/both of these items, select the appropriate option above. New players to the club will need matching shorts and backpack and should not opt out.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Provide any additional information here.