Recruiters with questions or needing additional information regarding any Advancement Academy athletes can direct their questions to Club Director and Recruiting Coordinator, Shaun Servick, at gro.ymedacatnemecnavdanull@kcivresnuahs


Schedule a Skills Video

Video recording sessions typically take 1.5 hours and are generally scheduled on Sunday mornings, although other times can be arranged as necessary.  Athletes will get their volleyball skills filmed, edited, and uploaded for viewing from the website.  Assistance during the session (what skills to record, ball entry, etc.) will be provided by Coach Servick and/or additional A2 coaches.  The cost of a standard skills video recording session is $60.  To schedule a video session or to request more information, click here.


Committed Athletes

Coming soon, A2 listing of current committed athletes.


Non-Committed Athletes

Coming soon, A2 listing of current non-committed athletes that wish to continue their volleyball career in college.


Player Profile Updates

Players wishing to update their profile can click here.  In order to appear on this page as a committed or non-committed athlete, players should answer “Yes” to showing recruiting information on the website, select their committed status, and college choice if already committed.