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Boys Spring Clinics

Apr 17, 2019

A2 is offering multiple clinics for boys.  Each clinic will be $45. Clinic Registration

Setting Clinic

Sunday, April 28, from 2-4pm.  Grades 6-12.  This session will be led by the A2 Boys director, Salomon Gicherman, and Emi Holsclaw.  

Hitting Clinic

Saturday, May 11, from 2-4pm.  Grades 7-12.  This session will be led by coach Salomon and Former OSU Middle Blocker Blake Leeson.  This clinic focuses on attacking for all positions, including ways to become a more effective attacker, as well as helping the player hit more efficiently and with more power.

Agility Clinic

Friday, May 24, from 5-7pm.  Grades 6-12.  The session will be led by  coach Zach Yearington and focuses on being the most effective in the sport of volleyball that one can be.  Includes jump training, footwork techniques, and explosive moves.  


Click here to register for any of the clinics